• Writing a will.

  • Powers of attorney including enduring powers of attorney.

  • Transmission applications.

  • Record of death applications.

  • Estate administration.


Having a will in place is vital, whether you’re young or old, as unfortunately life is not completely within your control and accidents can happen, or sickness may strike and you want your loved ones to be looking after.

If a person passes away without a will in place they are legally intestate, which can cause problems and delays with the administration of their estate. The last thing you want is for your family to have to deal with a complicated, difficult, drawn out process on top of your passing.

We offer a fixed price of the writing of a basic will, giving you the peace of mind that if the worst does happen, then those you love will be looked after.

We can prepare a basic will for you from $500.00 and you can order online, simply by downloading our questionnaire.


Our lawyers can set-up and register a power of attorney, which enables a person to act on behalf of another person for matters that are specified in the document. A power of attorney is extremely useful when someone is ill, no longer capable of making their own decisions or travelling abroad.

At Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane we can attend to all your power of attorney requirements, including registration or revocation of an existing power of attorney. We can also draft an enduring power of attorney and see to the registration of these documents where required.



A record of death application is required when the name of a deceased person needs to be removed from a title, such as if you hold an interest in a property as joint tenants with the person.

Our lawyers can make an application on your behalf to have their name removed from the title, making this an easy and painless process for you, correcting the new ownership of the property with the Queensland Titles Registry.



The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane are specialists in the estate administration process. This process involves the finalizing of a deceased person’s affairs, including attending to any bank accounts and contracts, the distribution of assets and assistance with funeral decisions.

Contact Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane today if you’d like assistance with the creation of a will, a power of attorney or require help with estate administration.

The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane specialise in elder law and can assist you with the preparation of your will and all estate administration issues.

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