The aim of the business and commercial lawyers of Dylan & Inns is to not just provide legal advice, but rather to deliver comprehensive business solutions by tailoring our services to meet the exact needs of your business.

Our lawyers will work alongside you to better understand the goals and objectives of your business and provide tailored advice and assistance to enable it to achieve a successful commercial outcome. If your business has customers, suppliers, employees, property or assets then our lawyers have the experience to help you with your legal needs.

We can provide advice on corporate structuring, business name registration, director’s duties, risk management and insurance, as well as franchise law.

If you are looking at starting a small business, our lawyers can provide advice on all areas of its establishment; from advising on the correct business structure, to assisting with business name registration and company registration, to drafting customer and supplier agreements, reviewing commercial leases, and advising on the hiring of staff. We’ll develop a strategic plan to ensure your business gets on the right track to prosper.

We also have an in-depth knowledge of information technology related transactions; such as the acquisition of technology, outsourcing, online retail transactions and utilising could based solutions.

At Dylan & Inns aim to provide first class legal advice and solutions to small and medium sized businesses and their owners.


  • Selling or purchasing a business and providing advice accordingly.

  • Providing advice and reviewing customer and supplier contracts.

  • Drafting and reviewing a range of commercial contracts; including finance documents and leases.

  • Drafting commercial agreements (joint ventures and partnerships), guarantees and security documents.

  • Advising on legislative requirements; including corporate structure, governance and compliance.

  • Managing tender processes, contract negotiations and associated documentation drafting.

  • Drafting plain english documentation and practical commercial business frameworks.

  • Drafting licensing and franchising documentation, including disclosure documents.

  • Advising on regulatory and compliance obligations.

  • Assisting with information technology transactions.

If you are a business owner on the Gold Coast, or in Brisbane, our commercial law lawyers can assist with franchise agreements, contract review and document drafting.

The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane can assist your business with all aspects of privacy law including drafting policies and procedures for data retention.


As a business owner you have a responsibility for the personal information of your customers that is handled by the business. Protecting this information and ensuring it remains private is part of your duty to your customers. A failure to properly handle this information can create a significant risk to your business, with any leak not only being capable of damaging your brand and reputation, but also potentially landing you in trouble with the law.

Recent changes to privacy legislation in Australia tightened the controls businesses must maintain on a customer’s personal information. This means you must pay careful attention to the way in which customer data is collected, stored, used and disclosed.


  • The construction of privacy policies governing the protection of customer data, including for use on websites.

  • Carrying out a privacy audit of your current business procedures to ensure compliance with the new privacy laws.

  • Ensuring your marketing and promotional strategies meet the legal requirements for your industry, including compliance with email spam and direct marketing legislation.

  • Developing a policy to dictate what to do in the event of a data breach and providing assistance when this occurs.

  • Providing training to staff members to ensure they are aware of their legal obligations.

The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane can assist your business with franchising by drafting a franchise agreement and disclosure statement for potential franchisees.


We also specialise in franchise law, and can provide assistance if you are a business owner exploring the idea of franchising your business, a business with an established franchise system, or a prospective franchisee looking to buy into a franchised business.

Our lawyers can provide advice and assistance in developing and drafting a franchise agreement and accompanying disclosure document that complies with the Franchising Code of Conduct and the Competition and Consumer Act. We’ll work alongside you to tailor an agreement that is perfectly suited to your business and its needs. We’ll also provide advice in regards to asset protection, tax consequences, intellectual property rights and continuing corporate and franchising compliance. 

If you are looking to buy into a franchise we can review the franchise documentation you receive and provide advice as to your obligations under it and ensure it complies with the relevant legislation. We can also negotiate the agreement on your behalf with the franchisor and provide further advice once you have entered into to the agreement, as to your obligations when it comes to business structure, employees and accounting.


  • Franchise agreement and disclosure document construction.

  • Advising as to the compliance with relevant legislation of current franchise agreements.

  • Providing general business structure advice.

  • Providing advice with regards to tax consequences and intellectual property rights.

  • The review of franchise agreements for potential franchisees

  • Providing advice on managing your legal obligations towards employees.

The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane can assist with business succession by drafting a company constitution and succession plan or share sale agreement.


It is not an easy task managing a business and you spend so much time focusing on the day to day running of it and how to nurture it and help it to grow, but often an exit strategy is not considered. We can assist you with business succession planning and provide assistance in structuring your business so you can easily take some time away and know it will be properly managed. 

We can also assist with structuring the business for sale when it comes time for you to move onto a new venture, or into retirement. We have the experience to design and construct a strategy that will take into account your circumstances, overcome any potential problems and provide you with your desired outcome.


  • Construction and review of Company Constitutions.

  • Constructing a shareholder agreement.

  • Drafting a share sale agreement.

  • Drafting a business asset sale agreement.

  • Construction of business succession agreements.

  • Discretionary and family trust deeds.

  • Personal and corporate powers of attorney.