The lawyers of Dylan & Inns have an eye on the future and a passion for all areas of media and intellectual property law, with an emphasis on marketing and advertising. 

We can assist Gold Coast and Brisbane business owners manage their intellectual property. Our lawyers can help your business manage its IP by registering a business and domain name, assisting with copyright and trademark registration, drafting media policies and assisting with the enforcement and protecting of your IP.

Our lawyers can also assist with your marketing strategies by reviewing and monitor business advertisements, competitions and email campaigns to ensure they are all compliant with relevant advertising guidelines and legislation. We can draft any required confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements your business may require. 

Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets and it is essential to take steps to protect its value.


  • Drafting, management and registration of intellectual property contracts, licences, transfers, assignments, trademark registration, management and consulting.
  • E-commerce issues; including developing policies and procedures for your business.
  • Registration of domain names, business names, trade marks, patents, industrial designs and copyright.
  • Drafting and review of technology, media and entertainment and related contracts and managing any issues that may arise.
  • Entertainment law matters in film and television, music, publishing and related creative industries.
  • Industry grants, financing, distribution agreements, format deals, script review, product licensing and distribution.
  • Trade Mark applications and objections.
  • Trade Practices and Fair Trading issues.
  • Registration of industrial designs and patents.
  • Privacy Act compliance and policies.
  • Spam Act compliance and policies.

The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane specialise in media and intellectual property law and can assist with trademark registration and copyright law.

If you are a business owner utilising social media in your business our Gold Coast and Brisbane IP lawyers can draft a social media policy for use by your employees.


Social Media has fundamentally changed the way a business now interacts with its customers. No longer is advertising done by way of an ad in a paper, or on TV, now it’s all about engaging in two-way conversations with your customers. Not surprisingly social media has brought with it tremendous opportunities for businesses, but it has also created a bit of a legal minefield, due to the convergence of so many areas of law, such as employment, intellectual property, privacy and trade practices.

We can assist you when it comes to navigating this legal minefield and ensure your business meets its legal obligations with its use of social media. For instance, you may not be aware, but recent court decisions have found that a business may be liable for content posted on social media, even where posted by a third party.

Our lawyers understand that your online presence is key and they themselves are passionate social media users, enabling them to successfully protect your business, whilst also boosting its brand image and online presence. We understand the importance of having a high profile social media strategy.


  • Reviewing and advising upon your social media strategy.

  • Providing advice as to what content you can and can’t post relative to the industry you operate in.

  • Preparing a social media policy that governs how it is to be used to promote your business.

  • Negotiating with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social media companies, to ensure material posited by others that is damaging, offensive, or an inaccurate representation of your business is quickly removed.

  • Preparing special clauses for use in contracts and employment agreements that detail the use of social media by your business and its employees.

The lawyers of Dylan & Inns Gold Coast and Brisbane can assist with trademark registration and protection.


What is a trade mark?

A trade mark is used to distinguish the goods of one business from those of another and can consist of a letter, word, name, number, device, brand, colour, shape, sound, scent, label, aspect of packaging, or any combination of these. 

Why register a trade mark?

Registering a trade mark grants the owner of it the legal right to the exclusive use of, and control of, the goods and services for which it is registered. Put simply by registering a trade mark you can protect your goods and services against misuse and infringement by others.

Registering a trademark will provide your business with a monopoly over the registered goods and services and prevent other businesses from using your name or logo to market their products. Don’t let all the time and effort that goes into developing your business and its image go to waste. 


  • Registering a trade mark for your business, its goods and its services.

  • Advising you where a trade mark infringement may have taken place.

  • Enforcing your trade mark.